How to play craps + game rules explained with video

Craps how to play and Game Rules

Craps is a game of luck, it all depends on the dice and the numbers being rolled. In this game, players bet on the results of the two dice thrown. A player who rolls the dice is referred to as the Shooter. After the dice are rolled, players will be paid according to the outcome of the roll.

Craps is a dice table game that is very popular in land-based and online casinos. When you find a table in a land-based casino with players yelling around the table, you can assume that it is a Craps table. There are two types of Craps. One is casino craps, which can be found in casinos.

In this game, the players at the Craps table can bet against the house or the casino, which is why it is called Online Craps. The second type is called Street Craps, which is the variant where players play against each other, this variant of Craps is played in the streets of major cities all over the world, where the name of this Street Craps comes from. Read more about the Craps game on Wikipedia

Finding the best casino online

How do I find the best online casino?

A true online casino expert will never call a particular casino the best online casino. There are just too many different criteria for that. Maybe you like to play with an exclusive bonus or are looking for a specific slot. Or does it have to be an online casino according to your taste with a payment method that adapts to your needs? Therefore, as experts in online casinos, we can only advise against it if someone praises you as “the best online casino”.

In the virtual world of casinos it is like in the real world: There are countless serious, significant and successful companies and unfortunately there are just as many that one should rather ignore and not trust. And so there are of course one or the other online casino on the Internet that has a bad reputation and bad reviews.

Before you register at an online casino and make a deposit, you should find out about the company. This is very easy and uncomplicated on the Internet. Of course, every player has to decide for himself in the end whether he wants to play at this or that online casino. In order to find a reputable online casino you should pay attention to:

  • that personal data are treated confidentially
  • that the online casino is legitimate and a valid license has
  • that the payout percentages of the games are stated on the website
  • that the website uses SSL for data transmission .
  • that the games are provided by well-known and reputable software manufacturers
  • that there are protected transfer options for deposits and withdrawals
When looking for an online casino always check the Ecogra certificate

Canadian online casinos

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There are certain cornerstones for new online casinos that build trust. For example, some casinos are on the stock exchange. Such an IPO means that the online casino is subject to observation and control by the public. There are new casinos that are co-founders of eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance): This is a company that monitors online casinos. If an online casino is independently monitored by such an organization, it can be trusted in any case.

But security and trustworthiness are only one aspect. We have to say, of course, that it is a very important one, but there are hardly any online casinos that can afford to operate dubiously. The market is so full of competitors and so regulated that an online casino that does not follow the rules would simply no longer prevail.

Finding a Craps casino

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Online casino advantages: better than the casino?

An online casino has an incredible number of advantages over a gambling hall or a fancy casino. Our favorite is that you can do a few laps in comfort from home. There is no dress code like in the casino and you don’t have to buy a tie. In addition, you can get a good bottle of sparkling wine in the shop around the corner, instead of slurping it out of the glass in the casino, that’s not our thing. And then of course the online casino was open around the clock. Whether during the day or all night, a private online casino party can always rise. Believe it or not, the statistics on our website show that most gamers are out in the middle of the night. So an advantage for all night owls, online casino offers 24/7 gaming fun.

How to play Craps

As mentioned before, there are two types of Craps. We are going to talk about the most played version of Craps: Casino Craps or Bank Craps. You can play this version of Craps anywhere online and in land-based casinos. Players then place the bets against the casino. Game payouts may vary by casino.
The player who rolls the dice is called “The Shooter”. Before the shooter rolls the dice, players will place their chips on the playing field of the table they want. If you’re looking for a good Dutch online casino look at

We will teach you how to play Craps with the help of a video on this page. We explain all about: payouts and the different bets that can be placed on the craps list, as well as the rules players will have to follow when playing this game. In this video you can also learn how to start playing Craps: